Anna Gibson LeLaCheur

by Betty Stevens, granddaughter

The seventh child of Alexander and Ellen Gibson was Anna.

Anna lived with her parents until October 25, 1900, when she married William H. LeLaCheur at Mullen, Nebraska.  They had four children:  Ralph, Earl, Edna and Lee.

Ralph was born September 25, 1901.  On April 8, 1922 he married Mayme Bowman at Pierre, South Dakota.  They had six children:  Eugene, Violet, Earlene, Doyle, Enoch and Charlotte.

Earl was born January 13, 1903.  He married Maude Dishman on March 15, 1924.  They had 10 children:  Arthur, Raymond, Viola, Lois, Wayne, Dorothy, Francis, Lloyd, Paul and Opal.

Lee was born October 4, 1910.  He married Fern Evans on August 5, 1931.  They had six children:  Myrtle, Roscoe, Donald, Betty, Frank and Joyce.

During her lifetime Anna lived at Mullen, Nebraska; Scottsbluff, Nebraska; Torrington, Wyoming; Custer, South Dakota; and Hot Springs, South Dakota, where they lived until their death.  Anna passed away March 27, 1955 of cancer.  William passed away December 8, 1957.  Both are buried at the State Soldiers Home.

Anna was a happy-go-lucky person.  She was very proud of her family and always had a smile on her face.

McPherson County: Facts, Families, Fiction
Published 1986
Page 592

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