Archives for September 2010

Lee’s 9-Month Checkup

Lee had his nine-month checkup on Tuesday.  He weighed 17 lbs. 7.5 oz and was 27.5″ long.  He has three teeth and is working on a few others!

Little Red Wagon

Aunt Terra went on the Junk Jaunt this weekend and found Lee a little red wagon, which is now his new favorite toy.

Go Big Red!!

Lee was ready to cheer on the Huskers this past weekend!

Beep!! Beep!!

Lee likes to push the laundry basket around the house like a truck.

Lee at the Farm

Lee spent the last couple days with Grandma and Grandpa Wilson at the farm.  He had a fun time and we were glad to have him back.

Labor Day Weekend

This weekend was Rob & Diana’s annual Labor Day party.  We had a great time and ate plenty.  There were lots of kids running around, so they all had a blast.  Lance & Lithena had a three week old Mouflan sheep and Scott brought a couple llamas over, so the kids enjoyed seeing the animals.  There were three babies less than one-year old – Sylvie Van Dusen (9 months), Lee Gibson (8 months), and Tanner Vance (7 months).  Ironically Tanner is the biggest of the three, but they are all pretty close.

A bunch of us shot pistols and blue rock, which is always enjoyable.  We always play a game called knockout (similar to the basketball version), which adds a competitive edge to trap shooting.  Fortunately Kevin has a nice double-thrower that he always brings along for the shoot.  We’re looking forward to next year’s get together!

Lee in the Bathtub

Tonight was Lee’s first bath in the big bathtub.  He really enjoyed the extra space to move and splash around!