Lee Throwing the Frisbee


Lee’s 2nd Year Scrapbook

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In the Cupboards

Lee has figured out that there is lots of fun things in the cupboards. It’s a good thing we have most of them latched, otherwise he would have them all emptied out!

Little Red Wagon

Aunt Terra went on the Junk Jaunt this weekend and found Lee a little red wagon, which is now his new favorite toy.

Go Big Red!!

Lee was ready to cheer on the Huskers this past weekend!

Beep!! Beep!!

Lee likes to push the laundry basket around the house like a truck.

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter Everyone.  Hope everyone has a great day!

Weekend at the Farm

Lee and I went down to the farm last weekend while Grandpa Gibson and Daddy worked in the basement.  While we were down there Lee got to see his first baby calf.

Lee’s First Day at Day Care

Monday was my first day back to work and Lee’s first day at day care.  Fortunately our day care is only four houses to the south of ours, and Wade & I both went to college with her so we feel pretty lucky.  It was tough to leave him but week one is done, so hopefully the weeks will get easier from now on.

Play Date

Today Suzanne and Kylee came over for a play date.  It was good to see Suzanne and fun for the babies to meet each other.  Lee is only 3 days older than Kylee.

A Night at the Farm

Mom and Dad came up to watch Lee while I ran some errands yesterday.  After I was done with everything Lee and I went back to the farm with them.  Grandma took care of Lee and mom got a good night’s rest.

While down there Aunt Laci took some pictures of Lee and me.

Visit to Good Sam IT

Lee and I went into my work today to wish Angie a Happy 30th Birthday (a day late).  Suzanne and Kylee met us there.  Everyone enjoyed meeting the two little ones.