Feeding the Cows

Lee is always up for helping Papa Rob with chores. Here they are feeding a mix of silage and ground hay out of the feed wagon. Mac is always in the mix trying to move the cattle around as well. Who knew they made chore gloves so small?

Week at the Farm

Our daycare was closed last week so Lee got to stay at the farm.  We were worried that he might not want to come back home.

Lee peeking out of the playhouse

Beau pulling Lee behind the tractor

Lee with the Dinkler & Bonifas kids

Lee with the Dinkler & Bonifas kids

Grandpa put Lee to work sweeping the barn

Lee ready to go with his hat and boots

Calving at the Farm

This past weekend we went down to the farm.  They are in full swing on calving, so we all had a chance to go bounce around in the pasture checking for new calves.  Lee got a chance to pet a calf, but as you can see in the picture he’s keeping a close eye on that mama cow!

Riding in the Combine

We went down to the farm today to visit Rob & Diana for their birthdays.  Rob was cutting beans so Lee got a chance to ride in the combine.

Day at the Farm

We went down to Rob & Diana’s Friday night. Rob & I helped Doug Pair work cattle on Saturday and Russell & Delores came down that afternoon to visit.

Bonifas Bunch

Last weekend while we were at the farm, the Bonifas bunch came down to visit.  Here’s a picture of Beau, Lee, Kim, and Samantha.

Weekend at the Farm

Lee and I went down to the farm last weekend while Grandpa Gibson and Daddy worked in the basement.  While we were down there Lee got to see his first baby calf.

Rob’s New Bull

Rob bought this bull at the 2010 Cattlemen’s Classic in Kearney.  This bull was champion of the hereford division, so he couldn’t pick it up until Saturday night after the supreme row judging.  This bull came out of central Illinois and was champion at the Illinois State Fair as well.

A Night at the Farm

Mom and Dad came up to watch Lee while I ran some errands yesterday.  After I was done with everything Lee and I went back to the farm with them.  Grandma took care of Lee and mom got a good night’s rest.

While down there Aunt Laci took some pictures of Lee and me.

Visiting the Farm

Today we all went down to the Wilson farm and saw Great-Grandma Bonnie.  I helped Rob feed the cows and we were still able to squeeze in a few games of pool.  Lee was decked out in his camo and Aunt Laci snapped this cute pic.