Hugh Elmer and Mary Gibson Neal

by Minnie Wilson

Ellen Morrison was born in 1833 in Belfast, Ireland.  Alexander Gibson was born in Belfast, Ireland, also, but even though they only lived five miles apart they never met until on board ship coming to the United States from Ireland.  They were married in the United States.

Sometime during their life they resided in Fremont, Nebraska.

To this union were born seven children.  The eldest of which as a son, William.  They had six daughters:  Margaret, Mary, Sarah, Ellen, Annie and Agnes.

Mary Gibson, the third child of Alexander and Ellen Gibson, was born January 16, 1872, in Sigourney, Iowa — Keokuk County.  Mary married Hugh Elmer Neal in 1900.  They lived on a farm near Hyannis, Nebraska.  To this union were born five daughters:  Hazel, Helen, Clara, Doris and Minnie.  They lived on a farm in Hooker County, which was about 13 miles north of Tryon.  Then they moved to Seneca, Nebraska, where Elmer worked for the Burlington Railroad in the shops.  In 1912 they moved back to the farm.  In 1918 Elmer was killed in an accident.

Mary moved her family to Tryon, Nebraska in 1919.  Clyde and Lulu Wilson were married in December, 1919, and they moved on her place north of Tryon.  Mary took in boarders.  Mary owned the house where Ed and Annabelle Bullington now live.  In 1920 Hazel graduated from McPherson County High School.  Helen graduated from MCHS in 1922.  Helen taught school in District #1 in McPherson County.

In 1925 Mary moved to North Platte, Nebraska.  Clara graduated from North Platte High School in 1926.  Clara also taught schools in McPherson County.

Hazel and Helen attended the Lord Lister School of Nursing.  Upon completion of study, both became registered nurses.

Doris graduated from high school in 1928.

In 1934 Mary and daughter, Clara, moved to Tryon, Nebraska.  Clara taught school.  Years later they moved to Benedict, Nebraska where they resided and Clara taught for 19 years.

Mary and Clara returned to Tryon again.  Clara got a teaching position in the public schools at Chappell, Nebraska.  Mary sold her home and moved to Chappell.  Clara retired from teaching while living in Chappell.

Mary passed away at Chappell, Nebraska, on January 14, 1964.  She lacked two days of being 93 years old.  She and her husband, Elmer, are both buried at the Eclipse Cemetery in southwest Hooker County.

Clara passed away in February of 1976 and is buried at Chappell.

Hazel married George Geneau in 1932.  To this union two children were born.  Sara Lee in 1933.  She is married to James Utter.  David Neal was born in 1938.  He is married to Marge Hanley.  They have two sons:  Darren and Michael.  George passed away in July of 1980.

Helen married J. Logan White in 1935.  They ran a newspaper in Sutherlin, Oregon.  They still reside there.  Logan passed away in February, 1981.

Doris married Ernest Petri and they lived in Walla Walla, Washington.  They are both now deceased and are buried at Walla Walla.

Minnie married Robert Wilson in 1934.  They had two children.  Warren Wesley born in 1937 and Beverly June in 1948.  Warren married Beverly Brannon in 1959.  They have two sons, Kerry Dale and Jon Eric.  They reside in Kansas City, Missouri.  Beverly married Garry Luedke in 1966.  Three children were born to this union:  Douglas Eugene, Kristi Jolene and Roberta Faye.  They reside in Paxton, Nebraska.

Robert Wilson passed away November 26, 1969 in Denver, Colorado.  Minnie resides in North Platte, Nebraska.

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McPherson County: Facts, Families, Fiction
Published 1986
Pages 665-666

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