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Lee had fun this Easter.  It didn’t take him long to get the hang of Easter-egg hunting and he liked eating the chocolate.  We’ve had to take his toy hammer away already, since he liked hammering on the wall with the claw end, which left remarkably large indentations in the drywall.  It’s a good thing it didn’t take us long to notice his handiwork.

Bath Time!

Playing in the Dirt

The Skjelver Family History

Compiled in 1977

Download (PDF, 996KB)

Reeves Family Book

This is a scanned PDF version of the Reeves Family Book that was compiled in 1935 by Elma Douglas Smith.  I’m not sure how many copies there are of this book, but I scanned this one which belonged to my Grandmother, Betty Katherine (Reeves) Gibson, and was given to her by her father, Bulus Edgar Reeves.  It is quite large at 278 pages long (34 Mb), so please be patient if you choose to download the entire book.

Download Reeves_Family_Book in PDF

Or you can view the book in sections below.

Pages 1-53
Introduction, First through Seventh Generations

Download (PDF, 6.87MB)

Pages 54-111
Eighth Generation

Download (PDF, 7.64MB)

Pages 112-181
Ninth Generation

Download (PDF, 9.14MB)

Pages 182-213
Tenth & Eleventh Generations

Download (PDF, 4.44MB)

Pages 214-255
Index & Addenda

Download (PDF, 5.05MB)

History of the Gibson Surname

The Irish surname Gibson is patronymic in origin, belonging to that category of surnames derived from the first name of the father of the original bearer. Thus, it simply denotes “son of Gilbert”, of which Gib{b} was a common diminutive in medieval times. Gilbert in turn originates in the Old Germanic “Gislebert”, meaning “pledge/hostage-bright”. In Ireland bearers of the name are usually descendants of the Scottish Gibson’s who settled in Ulster in the seventeenth century. The Scottish Gibson’s are a branch of the clan Buchanan. First records of their name date from 1335, when a John Gibson surrendered the Castle of Rothesay. A Thomas Gibson held land in Dumfries in 1425. The Gibson’s of Caithness and Orkney are mainly of Edinburgh origin, while the Gibson’s of Durie, date from 1500 having held land in Durie until 1785. One of the earliest references to this name in Ireland is a record of one John Gibson, the son of Thomas Gibson, who was christened on April 16, 1661 in Templemore, Derry. George Gibson, the son of William Gibson and Mary Cain, was born in May 1686 in Drumgor, Armagh. Hugh Gibson, the son of Andrew and Isabell Gibson, was christened on October 24, 1680 in Saint Catherine’s Church, Dublin. Robert Gibson wed Martha Grimes on June 20, 1690 in Lisburn, Antrim.

More recently, there is an entry for the wedding of Patrick Gibson and Anne Mahaffey, celebrated on November 18, 1846 in Donegal. Among the most notable bearers of the name have been Charles Gibson {1867-1944}, the American illustrator and creator of the “Gibson Girl”, and Paris Gibson {1830-1920}, the American pioneer. Research is of course ongoing and there may still be more documentation found that indicates an even earlier date than the one mentioned above.


He’s The Most Tip-Top, Top Cat

Lee’s favorite cartoon happens to be Top Cat (circa 1960’s), which I watched when I was a kid too.  Amber found a DVD with all the episodes so he watches them from time to time.  He seems to like the theme song about as good as anything.

There’s Somethin Women Like About a Pickup Man

A little more than a week ago we purchased a new pickup.  We’ve been shopping around for a while and finally came to an agreement over this rig after about a month of bartering with the dealer.  Negotiation is simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating for me, but patience paid off.

This pickup has way more space than our last one.  We even had to rearrange the garage to make it fit, but having two vehicles that are car-seat friendly will make our lives much easier.  We weren’t ready to take the plunge into minivan-land (not sure if we ever will), so this seemed like a good fit.  And of course I had to go with the obligatory large tires and aftermarket rims to finish it off.  Hey, I’m still under 30, so give me a break!

Calving at the Farm

This past weekend we went down to the farm.  They are in full swing on calving, so we all had a chance to go bounce around in the pasture checking for new calves.  Lee got a chance to pet a calf, but as you can see in the picture he’s keeping a close eye on that mama cow!