The Robert Schulz Family

Robert Schulz, son of Leopold and Dorathea (Gottling) Schulz was born near Ledge, Brandenburg province, Germany on October 27, 1853. Emigrated to the United States with parents and two brothers in September 1867, and after a few years in Missouri migrated to Lincoln, Nebraska where he worked as a drayman for a time. June 11, 1875, he filed intent to become a citizen in Webster County and on December 18, 1879, for $240 bought the West half of the North West Quarter of Section one Township four Range eleven West of the Sixth Principal Meridian in Webster County. The land was located about six miles northeast of Bladen. He was one of the early settlers of Webster County and saw the country develop from a vast prairie to a fine agricultural land.

October 28, 1881, he married Maria Louisa Jahn, daughter of Christoph and Fredericka (Baker) Jahn. She was born January 25, 1856, at Quitzobel, Brandenburg Province, Germany where her father had been a fisherman. The Jahn family left their home in Germany on August 15, 1867, and departed for the United States on August 17. They landed in New York Harbor on September 25 after a long and stormy voyage on a sailboat. Food had become scarce and many were ill from the rough seas. They too headed for Osage County Missouri where many of their friends had settled. Other family members included: Fredrick, Maria Anna, August, Fredericka, Wilhelmina and Sophia. Henry and Amelia were bom at Herman, Missouri. The Jahns farmed until 1878, when Mr. Jahn was killed in a farm related accident. In November 1879, Mrs. Jahn and family migrated to Nebraska. Maria Anna remained in Missouri with her husband William Witte.

After Robert and Louisa’s marriage they made their home on the farm northeast of Bladen, living in a sod house where five of their eight children were born. A frame house was built after 1891. All eight children attended Cloverton School. School was a challenge to the first few as only the German Language was used in the home prior to that time. They were Lutherans and later joined the St. Paul’s Lutheran Church in Blue Hill.

Robert passed away October 12, 1923, and Louisa on May 31, 1936. Both are buried in the Blue Hill Cemetery.

The Schulz Children

1. Marie (Mary) Elizabeth (B.8/23/1882-D.2/28/1973)
Married Archie Preston (B.4/28/1884-D.2/22/1964)
Children: Harry Elmer, Lera Mae, Merle Willard and Floyd Lewis

2. August Adolph (B.6/26/1884-D.12/21/1966)

3. Otto August (B.7/26/1836-D.2/23/1975)
Married Bessie Ethelle McMair (B.8/24/1884-D.6/3/1964)
Children: Mildred Argylle, Lessie Ardythe, Eilene Arlynne & Maye Elaine

4. Albert Henry (B.6/30/1888-D.3/29/1970)
Married Blanche Sylvia Karr (B.1/8/1891-D.3/2/1974)
Children: Dorothy Maxine & Elmer Harold

5. Gustav Fredrick (B.1/2/1891-D.8/6/1978)
Married Hester Ellen Karr (B.10/24/1895-D.4/1/1988)
Children: Arthur William & Nina Mae

6. Mathilda Fredricka Dorothea (B.2/2/1893-D.2/20/1982)
Married William P. Karr (B.2/20/1892-D.5/19/1988)
Children: Clayton William, Norman Robert, Deloris Louise, Dever (Chub) Alpha & LaVeda Mae

7. Emma Louise (B.5/2/1895-D.3/6/87)
A daughter: Vera Helen

8. Carl Christopher Leopold (B.4/23/1898-D.2/3/1988)
Married Ferne Beryl Frandsen (B.2/17/1907)

Information courtesy of Delores (Karr) Krichau’s family history compilation

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