The Leopold Schulz Family

Leopold Schulz (B.7/23/1827) and Dorathea Gottling (B.3/25/1828) were married about 1852 in Germany. Family members recall that he had been a hostler (one who takes care of horses especially at an inn) there. On September 10, 1867, the family boarded the steamship Garmania and imigrated to the “New World” to avoid compulsory military service for their three sons under the reign of William II, Emperor of Germany. German newspapers had printed glowing accounts of cheap land, large crops and ideal climate, information supplied by U.S. Railroad companies. They arrived at a New York harbor on September 20, 1867, then traveled by train to Osage County, Missouri where friends had preceded them.

When timber claims, homesteads and railroad land sales opened up in Nebraska they migrated to Webster County in 1875. Leopold filed intent to become a citizen in 1877 and on December 8, 1886, filed for a Homestead Land Grant on the North East Quarter of section two in Township four North of Range Eleven West of the Sixth Principal Meridian in Nebraska containing one hundred sixty five acres and forty three hundreths of an acre. The homestead was located two miles north and four miles east of Bladen.

After the death of his wife Dorathea (12/24/1896), he made his home with his children until his death (4/24/1903). Both are buried in the Blue Hill Cemetery.

The Schulz Children:

1. Robert Adam (B.10/27/1853-D.10/12/1923)
Married Maria Louisa Jahn (B.2/25/1856-D.5/31/1936)
Children: Marie (Mary) Elizabeth, August Adolph, Otto August, Albert Henry, Gustav Fredrick, Mathilda Fredricka Dorthea, Emma Louise & Carl Christopher Leopold

2. Carl Fredrick Leopold
Married Johanna Margaret Stumpenhorst (B.1/29/1858-D.7/12/1956)
Children: Ida Gesine, Minnie Catarine, Arthur Leopold & Edward August

3. August (B.12/28/1861-D.9/26/1930)
Married Marie Romig
Children: Lena, Bertha & August

4. Louise (B.8/4/1868-D.4/8/1931)
Married Adolph Kranau (B.1/3/1960-D.2/26/1944)
Children: Elizabeth, Marie, Gustav, Minnie, Emma, Alven, Richard, Anna, Theodore & Harold
It is thought there were two daughters that had died while the family still lived in Germany, Gretchen and Rachel.

Carl Fredrich Leopold Schulz, known as Leopold, married Johanna Stumpenhorst at Blue Hill, Nebraska. Four children were born to them. Ida Gesone Luise; Minnie Caterine, Arthur Leopold and Edward August. The family moved to Oregon in the early 1900’s, coming back to Nebraska for a time after the death of daughter Ida in 1902, but returned to Oregon where they bought a hop farm near Salem.

Information from:
Helen Schulz Wright
Salem, Oregon

August Schulz married Marie Romig at Blue Hill. Three children were born to them. Lena died at age seven, Bertha and August. August died at three months. The family moved to Leavenworth, Kansas around 1894 or 1895 where he did custodial work. Died in Los Angeles, CA.

Information from:
Bertha Schulz Hoffman
14427 E. Mar Vista St.
Whittier, CA 90602

Louise Schulz married Adolph Kranau at Blue Hill. Lived on a farm two miles north of Blue Hill. Ten children were born to them. Elizabeth, Marie(died young), Gustav, Minnie, Emma, Alvene, Richard, Anna, Theodore and Harold.

Information from:
Emma Kranau Schlictman

Information courtesy of Delores (Karr) Krichau’s family history compilation

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