Anna Rhode Krichau and Jens Krichau

Jens Rasmussen Krichau (July 26, 1866 – April 6, 1956) was born in Solsted, North Slesvig, Denmark.  His parents were Peter J. and Kristen Jensen Krichau.

Anna Rhode (February 14, 1868 – July 3, 1951) was born in Osterhoist, North Slesvig, Denmark.  Her parents were Hans and Marie Mortison Rhode.

Jens and Anna were both confirmed in the Danish Lutheran Church in Denmark in 1882.  In 1893, they emigrated to the United States.  They left from Liverpool, England on the vessel, Wangurie, arriving at the port of Halifax, Canada and from there went by train to Detroit, Michigan.

They were married in Loup City on September 9, 1893.  They lived on a farm near Litchfield until 1905.  At this time they purchased the SE1/4 and NE1/4 of Section 9 in the Hazard Township from C.C. Hansen.  In 1936 they had a farm sale and moved into Hazard.  Jens and Anna are the parents of eight children:  Hans, Peter, Edward, Christian, Maurice, Christina, Arthur and Elmer.

They are buried in the cemetery at Ravenna.

The children of Jens and Anna are:

Hans (October 7, 1893 – December 26, 1982).  Hans married Christina Hohlfeld, the daughter of Wilhelm and Mary Kohls Hohlfeld of this community.  They were married at Hazard on April 12, 1916.  To this union were born four sons:  Loren, Donald, Ivan and one son died in infancy.

They were engaged in farming in the Hazard and Litchfield area until 1936.  Then Hans and Christina moved to Swan, Iowa and he was the farm manager for a large ranch there that belonged to Chris Abbott.  When Hans retired they moved to Pleasantville, a town nearby.  Christina died in 1968.  Hans and Christina are buried in the cemetery at Swan.  They have two sons buried there also.  Donald died in 1963 and Ivan in 1977.

Peter (November 3, 1896 – August 19, 1938).  Peter married Anna Munster, teh daughter of Henry and Francis Hajek Munster of Pleasanton.  They were married in Grand Island on March 8, 1922.

They are the parents of two children:  Glenn and Gladyce.

Peter served in the United States Army during World War I, serving overseas.  He was in the 91st Division of the 363 Infantry.  He received his discharge in April, 1919.

Pete farmed in this area until he was killed when a scaffold broke while cementing a pit silo.  He was living on a farm in Scott Township, Section 36 at the time.

Anna is now married to Wayne Anderson and is living in Sidney, Nebraska.

Edward (December 27, 1897 – April 16, 1987).  Edward married Dora Rasmussen of Pleasanton.  They were married in Grand Island on March 6, 1923.  To this union were born three children:  James, Sylvia and Bert.

Edward was also a farmer.  They lived on a farm in Bristol Township, SW1/4, Section 21, until 1943 when they moved to Buffalo County.

Dora died in 1974 and is buried in the Ravenna Cemetery.  Edward is living with his son, James, at the present time.

Christian (July 8, 1899 – August 10, 1899).  He is buried in the Cemetery at Litchfield.

Maurice (June 22, 1900 – March 15, 1986).  Maurice married Ruby Reiter, the daughter of Emil and Annie Frame Reiter of Pleasanton.  They were united in marriage at Grand Island on February 14, 1921.  They have two children, Regina and Russell.  They lived in this area until 1935, when they moved to a farm near Bladen, Nebraska.  Maurice retired on the farm in 1975.  They moved to Hastings in 1979.

Both Maurice and Ruby died in 1986 and are buried in the Bladen Cemetery.

Christina (April 22, 1902 – ).  Christina married Otha Lovitt, the son of Walter and Sarah Robertson Lovitt.  They were married on April 4, 1923 at Grand Island.  They have four children:  Alvie, Iona, Ronnie and Lyle.

They lived on the Lovitt farm east of Hazard until 1941 when they moved to a farm near Mason City.  Otha died in 1981 and is buried in the Ravenna Cemetery.  Christina still lives on the family farm.

Arthur (August 30, 1904 – August 1, 1956).  Arthur never married.  He was a farmer also.  Arthur farmed in this area, going to Iowa to work on the Abbott Ranch from 1934 to 1944.  He returned to farm in the Hazard and Ravenna area.  He was killed in an irrigation accident on the farm where he was living, west of Ravenna.  He is buried in the cemetery at Ravenna, also.

Elmer (September 24, 1906 – October 5, 1992).  Elmer married Sigrid Tvedt, the daughter of Nels and Ragnhild Berg Tvedt of Petersburg, Nebraska.  They were married in Kearney on March 26, 1930.

They are the parents of one son, Palmer.

Elmer and Sigrid farmed in this community until moving to Iowa to farm.  They have retired and are living in Pleasantville, Iowa.

Wheels of Time: A Centennial History of Hazard, Nebraska
Published 1986
Pages 136-137

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