There’s Somethin Women Like About a Pickup Man

A little more than a week ago we purchased a new pickup.  We’ve been shopping around for a while and finally came to an agreement over this rig after about a month of bartering with the dealer.  Negotiation is simultaneously frustrating and exhilarating for me, but patience paid off.

This pickup has way more space than our last one.  We even had to rearrange the garage to make it fit, but having two vehicles that are car-seat friendly will make our lives much easier.  We weren’t ready to take the plunge into minivan-land (not sure if we ever will), so this seemed like a good fit.  And of course I had to go with the obligatory large tires and aftermarket rims to finish it off.  Hey, I’m still under 30, so give me a break!

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  1. That might be the weirdest looking mini van I’ve ever seen. I like it! Mudflaps make it go faster. I told Amber to not let you have a pinstriper put Ricky Bobby on the driver’s side door.

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