Archives for September 2014

Let There Be Light

The electrician has been busy hooking up light fixtures. We went with a lot of Glomar fixtures from Home Depot as well as Emerson Pro Series ceiling fans in each bedroom. We also used Cree LED bulbs in most of the fixtures as well which should help keep energy costs down over the long haul.

A Royal Flush is Better than a Full House

The plumbers were here today and put in the septic tank and have a good start on the leach field. The tank is 1500 gallons and will have 4 legs on the leach field. Let’s hope this is the last time we see this!

Get the LED Out

The electrician was here today and installed the LED trim rings on all of our Juno recessed can lights. These put out a lot of light and are incredibly energy efficient. We’re anxious to see the rest of the light fixtures go up as well.1

Walk the Walk

Colt and Jay came down this evening and poured our front sidewalk. It’s 5″ thick re-bar reinforced, I suppose in case a dump truck would ever need to drive over it, right? They did an exceptional job on the pour and the radius curve looks great!


Lee in Preschool

Lee started preschool at Silver Lake this fall. We can’t believe how fast our little guy is growing up!

Life on the Farm

A Hands On Approach

They poured our patio today. The boys got a chance to put their handprints in one of the corners. On the first try John grabbed a big handful of wet concrete, so we had to trowel it over and do a second take. Fortunately the concrete was more firm, and John was half asleep at that point, so we got a pretty good print.

Gutt ‘Er Done

Gutters and downspouts were installed today!


Paint Me a Picture

Painting is complete! Dianna Bonifas did a fantastic job, and she was able to prime and paint the main floor, basement, and garage all in a matter of days. We hit Sherwin Williams’ 40% off sale a few weeks ago, so luckily we were able to save a bundle on paint. We ended up going with a lot of the same colors we had in our Kearney home:

She’s a Brick…House

The brick layer wrapped up today. We are really pleased with how the brick came out. The brick has a lot of character and the keystones above the windows and doors added a nice touch. We really struggled with picking a brick, mostly due to its cost and permanence, but it has turned out great.  This was an expensive upgrade, but it fit in perfectly with our target of low maintenance and energy efficient.