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Another Brick in the Wall

The bricklayers have got a good start! We selected the Windsor from Cherokee Brick Company. This is a wet tumbled brick, so it has rough edges and dented corners, which really gives it a lot of character. Even though it would be considered a red brick, it has a lot of brown tones in it as well.

What’s Behind Door #1?

The garage doors and exterior doors are installed. Raynor door installed the garage doors and we really like the faux hinge and handle hardware which helps break up the larger 8’x’10’ door. The openers are surprisingly quiet and we even have the ability to control them remotely with our smartphones!

The front door is a Bayer Built oak textured fiberglass door with half sidelites.

Webster County Fair 2014

Window Shopping

The windows were installed today. We went with the Andersen 400 Series windows with a sandstone colored exterior clad.

Wrap It Up

The Tyvek house wrap was put on today.

The Woofing Crew

The roofing crew has arrived! They started laying the roofing felt and will be installing shingles soon. We chose to go with a Tamko Heritage IR (impact resistant) shingle in natural timber color.  The impact resistant shingles have a polyester fabric reinforcement which makes for a stronger shingle, and we also get a discount on our homeowners’ insurance for them.

And here is another one of Colt’s crew, his yellow lab, Jade.

Well, Well, Well…Look Who Decided to Show Up

Today they finally drilled our well! They drilled 239 ft. deep before hitting shale. The well has 5″ casing and will have a Grundfos SQE constant pressure system with variable frequency drive pump delivering 22 gallons per minute with an 8.5 gallon Flexcon JetRite II pressure tank.

Handy Mani

The plumbers were on the job site today getting things roughed in. They set the tubs and shower and also mounted the mani-block water manifold. The mani-block distributes water evenly to all of the pex water lines running through the house, each with their own individual shut-off valve.

That There is an ERV, Clark!

This is the Energy Recovery Ventilation unit, or ERV. These systems act as an air exchanger, which have been commonplace in commercial applications for years. Now that homes are being built so airtight, fresh air and ventilation is becoming more critical. Since our home is going to be all brick, our HVAC subcontractor highly recommended this option. This system will also replace the functionality of the bathroom ventilation fans, affectionately referred to as “fart fans” by our HVAC subcontractor.


I Got You Covered

Roof sheathing started today. They used 49 sheets of 5/8″ OSB sheathing to cover the east side and most of the north side. All of the roof sheathing is clipped to provide extra strength. It goes quickly!


Truss Me, I Know What I’m Doing

The trusses went up today. The crane was only there for four hours and things went really well. The roof is hip style with a 6/12 pitch.

Gird is the Word

The garage is framed and girder trusses are going up today. These are raised-heel trusses, also known as energy heel trusses. They allow for more insulation to be blown in on the outer edges of the roof, increasing energy efficiency.