Archives for December 2010

Lee’s 1-Year Checkup

Lee had his one-year checkup on Monday.  He weighed 19 lbs. and was 30″ long.  He had five shots and blood drawn, so he wasn’t a happy camper afterward.

Lee’s First Birthday

Today was Lee’s first birthday party.  The first year has certainly gone quickly!

Wilson Christmas

Yesterday was the Wilson Christmas.  All of the kids had a good time and everyone enjoyed being together.

Lee’s First Christmas

Lee had a blast opening packages and playing with his new toys.

Lee was ready to get started

Opening the first package

He's got wheels!

Playing with Grandpa and the new tent

Giving the tunnel a try

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Gibson’s!

Krichau Christmas

Here are a few pictures from the Krichau family Christmas this year.

Sleepover with Cousins

Makayla and Morgan came up last Friday for a sleepover.  They went and saw Yogi the Bear and had a great time playing with Lee.

Fun at Daycare

Here are a few pictures from daycare over this past year. It’s no wonder he loves it there so much!

9 Ball, Corner Pocket

We went down to the farm this weekend.  Rob & I shot some pool on Friday night as we usually do.  Here’s a picture where I’m showing Lee how to make the 9 ball on the break (as I was lucky enough to have done earlier in the evening).  He’s upgraded to using a 3′ cue now that he’s familiar with the lay of the table.  Watch out Fast Eddie Felson.