Archives for March 2010

Saddle Up Partner

Here’s Lee riding the pony that Aunt Terra got him.

Site Updates

We’ve made a few recent updates to the site.  We now have a Calendar page that has Birthdays & Anniversaries for both sides of the family (you can click on the arrow in the top right corner of the calendar to only view one side’s calendar).  We’ve tried to get everyone’s information, but we know we’re missing a few birthdays here and there, so if yours is missing send us your info!

We also have a Contact page that you can use to send us any information, or to just drop us a line.  We also have links to our Facebook and LinkedIn profiles under the Social Networks heading in the sidebar.  Don’t forget the extensive amount of information in the Family History pages.  We have lots of old scanned photos/documents, plus we continually update these pages as we add new information.

Jacobsen’s Visit

On a whim we got a text from Ryan & Abby Jacobsen this morning wondering if we were up to anything today.  They came down and we all went out to lunch at Ruby Tuesday’s, then we all ventured out to Yanney Park.  Lee slept a good portion of the time, but Julian really enjoyed the park!  It was great way to spend a gorgeous afternoon.

Family Pictures

Since Lee is three months old we had Laci take some family pictures for us.

Trixie Enjoying New Storm Door

Here’s Trixie laying in the sun by the new storm door we installed last weekend.

Tim & Blake Visiting

Tim Lavington and his son, Blake, stopped by to visit us tonight.  It was great to see them and we wish we would have taken some pictures of Blake and Lee together.  Next time!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Lee’s First Set of Wheels

Lee’s stroller came in yesterday, so we had to take it for a short test drive around the living room.

Weekend at the Farm

Lee and I went down to the farm last weekend while Grandpa Gibson and Daddy worked in the basement.  While we were down there Lee got to see his first baby calf.

Basement Progress

Last weekend Dad came up for the Nebraska Bowhunters’ banquet.  While he was here I used his help for the better part of three days hanging sheetrock in the basement.  We made a TON of progress, and I was able to send the drywall jack home with him, so that was my main goal.  We ran out of rock, so we also hauled in another thirty sheets (ninety total so far).  It’s getting there, I just have to keep after it.  Thanks for your help this last weekend, Dad!

Nap Time

Here’s Lee taking a quick snooze in the blanket that Danita had made for him.  It sure looks cozy.  Thanks Danita!