We Have Mail

We put up our new mailbox this evening. After numerous calls with various post offices, we have finally established where we will receive mail from – Riverton, USA.

Our new home is apparently situated in the Bermuda Triangle of Webster County. Our mail will come from Riverton, we’re in the Red Cloud fire district, the boys will go to school in Bladen (elementary) and Roseland (high school), and the house is North of Inavale. Long story short, since the wonderful postal service will not alter their mail routes, we needed to place our mailbox on the existing route of the Riverton postal carrier. That means our mailbox is actually at the residence of Larry & Bonnie Vance, about 1.5 miles away. That puts a new spin on “running to go grab the mail.”

Anyhow, here’s what our new address is:
Wade & Amber Gibson
1275 Road 600
Inavale, NE 68952

And don’t try to find it on Google Maps, or you’ll be even more lost than after reading the previous paragraph (I have submitted the address to Google, so hopefully it will work someday!)


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