New Virginia School History

School was first held in a dug out in 1882-1883 or sod house. The first frame school house was built in 1884. In April of 1886 a 12 ft extension was added on. In 1899 a new 20 x 32 ft school house was built. In 1901 – repaired and painted school house. In 1904 the anti room or hall was built on and a book case was built cost 125.00 dollars. In 1907 new desks were bought for $450.00 and the old ones sold for 60 cents apiece. The storm cellar was built in 1912 and the coal house repaired. In 1916 9 mo school started.


1883-1884Nora McCall – first teacher taught 2 mo.
Mattie McCall – taught 1 mo for Nora
1884-1885Fr. Brooks – 6 mo$30.00
Mary Robertson – 2 mo$25.00
Jo Brooks – 3 mo$27.00
1885-1886Addie McFrittle 2 mo$30.00
1887-1888Aristole Smith$30.00
1889-1890S F Bailif$35.00
1890-1891Ella Renasberg$40.00
1891-1892SS Fisher$33.00
1893-1894Belle Spanble$40.00
1894-1985Mildred McCall$65.00
1896-1897Retta Able$30.00
1897-1898William Fraizer$40.00
1898-1899J. M. Scales$40.00
1899-1900Mamie Wiedman$35.00
1901-1902Grace Onstat$35.00
1902-1903Bruce Payne$40.00
1904-1905Della Mccallum$40.00
1905-1906E G Peterson$40.00
1906-1907Visa Dickerson$45.00
1907-1908Blance McCartney$40.00
1908-1909Bernice Marker$45.00
1909-1910May Dickerson$45.00
1911-1912Clare Dyer
1913-1914Mable Lund$60.00
1914-1915Nellie Brooks
1915-1916Francis Nolan
1916-1917Homer Fetty$65.00
1917-1918Leonard Springer$70.00
1918-1919Mildred Arnold$70.00
Helen Johnson
1919-1920Alta Coon$66.00
1920-1921Grace Keagle$90.00
1921-1922Ella Davis$100.00
1923-1924Pauline Pitney$80.00
1925-1926Alice Whitaker$70.00
1926-1927Pauline Hathjen – first teacher in new school house
1927-1928Mildred Lutz
1928-1929Gertrude Wiggins
1930-1931Dewey Adams
1931-1932Maxine McClure$50.00
1932-1933Dorthy Arneson$50.00
1933-1934Veva Feis$35.00
1934-1935Marie James$45.00
1938-1939Verdell Noble

Closed School
Reopened in 1951

1951-1952Bernice Marker
1952-1953Thelma Hasselbacher$225.00
1953-1954Mrs. Jean Gilbert – 5 mo
Mrs. Jolene Sanger – 4 mo
1954-1955Mrs. Joan DeBord$182.50
1955-1956Miss Jeanette Martin$172.50
1956-1957Mrs. Darline Pitney
1957-1958Mrs. Barbah Bright
1958-1959Mrs. Joy Pruner
1959-1960Mrs. Schmalle
1960-1961Mrs. Ruth Bridges
1961-1962Mrs. Ruth Bridges
1962-1963Mrs. Bernice Shackleton
1963-1964Mrs. Bernice Shackleton
1964-1965Mrs. Don Burge
1965-1966Mrs. Don Burge
1966-1967Mrs. Don Burge
1967-1968Mrs. Myrtis Alber
1968-1969Mrs. Myrtis Alber
Mrs. John Yost (last six weeks)

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