First Meeting of the Otto Cemetery Association

New Va school house Dist 65, Webster Co. Nebr May 28, 1887

Pursuant to previous announcement the Otto Cemetery Association met for the purpose of transacting all business that should come before them. President in chair. House was called to order. The minutes of the last meeting being read and offered, the looking into and reading of the deed for the land for the Otto Cemetery Association, a deed was settled on and accepted by the majority of the trustees and ordered to be recorded. On motion of John Wilson the cemetery was to be laid out in lots and sold to defray expenses, keep up repairs, and necessary expenses by consultation, if was agreed upon for the trustees to lay out and arrange the grounds, and June the 4th was set apart for the laying out of the cemetery in blocks.

On motion of John Wilson, Otto Skjelver was selected treasurer of the Otto Cemetery Association for one year, from the time this association was organized.

On motion of John Wilson the Cemetery Association is to meet Sept 9th.

On motion of John Marker, C ? was elected vice president of association for one year from time the association was organized.

On motion of A. A. Cooper the association adjourned.

E J Peterson

Named changed from Otto Cemetery to New Virginia Cemetery May 4, 1925

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