Archives for March 2011

Shed Hunting

Today was a beautiful day so we took advantage of the nice weather and went shed antler hunting.  This was the first time that Lee had been down to the land, so he had a blast checking everything out.  We didn’t have great luck finding sheds, but we had a good time and enjoyed being outside!

Evening at the Millers

We went over to the Millers on Saturday night and had a great time catching up.  Kylee and Lee had fun running and playing together (this was the only picture that wasn’t a complete blur).

Some Pics

Here are some random pictures over the past few weeks.  He loves his Grandpas!

Lee’s First Haircut

Lee had his first haircut this past Thursday.  Tana McNitt cut my hair when I was younger, and Lee did amazingly well!  I think having the spray bottle to play with kept him busy enough to not mind what was going on.