The Building of a Church

The settlers from Virginia viewed
This land their hearts desired.
Homesteading in the Seventies
On acres they acquired.

They had lookes long for what they found
In this fair neighborhood.
In that great distance from their homes
Hone had seen land so good.

They named it New Virginia,
Because of memory’s hold.
It still had all they wished for it
When they were gray and old.

With sod, they built their homes and school.
More immigrants arrived,
Bohemians, Germans, Swedes, and Danes.
They, and the country thrived.

At meetings held, the settlers urged
For Sunday-School and church.
The sod school house became the place
To make Divine research.

The years sped on; the “soddy” was
Replaced by wood and nail,
But still the place where those who wished
Learned of the Holy Grail.

The Lord showered blessings on the land,
The people were devout.
Their savings they were glad to use;
And thus it came about

When at a meeting of these folk
A good sized fund should start
That they might raise an edifice–
A building set apart

To worship God and hold a school,
Where all could study more
About His teachings and His love;
Or a lost faith restore.

The years were long and hard, but they
Made plans and funds soon grew.
And when they had enough to build
Construction fairly flew.

The day of dedication set,
The planning grew apace.
The preachers who were taking part
Knew all the populace.

The day drew near, all work was done,
The dawn would bring that day.
Alas! The night a story told
That swept all plans away

A fiery light flared to the sky!
Catastrophe had come!
The little group that gathered there
With shock and grief were numb.

The wagons creaked along the road
When came another dawn.
With firm set lips, those pioneers
Brought with them Faith and brawn.

They journeyed to the frame school house–
Prom prayer they rose, to start
Another building on the site,
A House, to stand apart.

The small school house was more than filled,
Where services were held.
The call for building funds met with
Success unparalleled.

In scarcely more than half a year
They realized their dream,
Their church was built — a Holy place,
To worship God Supreme.

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